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Hours of Operation Monday - Saturday

Company Profile

Our team is comprised of Agricultural professionals. World Food Association Organization S.A. Inc. (WFAO) is a company focused on providing the world with a higher standard of food resources. Our company was founded with a “global community mindset.” We strive daily to exceed the basic needs of the global community.

Our firm focuses on organic produce. With forty –six (46) Mega farms under management, 3.9 million acres of farm land in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, WFAO S.A. has become a major supplier of corn, soybean and cotton. We have also begun to acquire land in West Africa for the purposes of large scale Commercial Agriculture development. We currently have land in the Volta Region Of Ghana, the Gungha Region, Bruma Hoffa and are expanding to parts of Mali, Togo, Sierre Leone. We are currently negotiating land in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. Our firm has a comprehensive plan for the continent of Africa.  


World Food Association Organization S.A. is the leading Brazilian group in agribusiness management, investments and financing. Our mission is to “Feed the World One Nation At A Time.” The target market for our organization is countries that have food shortages. Our mission is to bring global economic balance back to our planet. Less fortunate countries have a growing need for substance. There are countless lives that we touch daily. We continue to pursue an active role in global equality.

We Provide Additional Support
  • Investment opportunities and management services focusing the Brazilian agribusiness.
  • Intelligent strategies for hedging commodity and
  • Commodities Trading
  • Platform Trading
  • Agricultural Business development
  • Buy Sell CPR’s (must be Banco do Brazil with CPEIT number)